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Get Cash Back With IHEE and Use On-Bill Financing

You can conserve energy, save on utilities, and get cash rebates with a TVA In-Home Energy Evaluation (IHEE). If you qualify, you can also use on-bill financing to pay for IHEE improvements. The IHEE inspection fee is $50, which you’ll get back if you spend $150 on qualifying improvements. And, you’ll receive rebates up to $500 for installing eligible energy-saving home improvements. Call 1-866-441-1430 for details.

There’s no place like home, and there’s no time like now to make your home more energy efficient. As a KUB residential customer, you have two energy audit options through the TVA EnergyRight ® Solutions Program.


You can take a free online energy audit on the TVA site [see link below]. Your most comprehensive and customized option, however, is TVA’s In-Home Energy Evaluation.


Free Online Energy Audit

To receive more accurate results from the TVA free online audit, we recommend you first log in to your account and retrieve your energy consumption history. [Note: You may complete the audit without your specific consumption history.]


TVA's In-Home Energy Evaluation (IHEE)

KUB residential customers can schedule an In-Home Energy Evaluation by a Certified TVA Energy Advisor. The fee is currently $50, which is refunded if you make at least $150 in qualifying improvements—and you can get up to $500 back on the cost of those improvements. If you qualify, you can also pay for the IHEE improvements with on-bill financing.


IHEE Application Process: 

  • Call the IHEE toll-free number: 1-866-441-1430. After you answer a few qualifying questions from a call center representative, you can set up an appointment with a TVA Certified Energy Advisor for an evaluation.
  • The advisor collects the $50 fee at the time of the in-home audit.
  • The advisor assesses your home and provides a report outlining the potential energy-efficiency improvements and available rebates and/or financing options.
  • Eligible improvements include replacement windows, storm windows, duct work, some rehabilitation work, some insulation, HVAC replacement, and central AC/heat pump tune-up. (See the information sheet linked below for a complete list of eligible improvements, their rebates, and financing information.)
  • Improvements must be made by a member of the TVA Quality Contractor Network (QCN). The evaluator will provide a list of qualified contractors and can help you identify any measures that you can install yourself.
  • All home improvements must be completed within 90 days. After the work is finished, it will be inspected to ensure that everything is installed properly to maximize savings.
  • After the inspection, you submit receipts for the completed work to be eligible for the rebate.
  • If you finance the work, your contractor will be paid after successful completion of the inspection.

Safety Reminder: In-home evaluations are scheduled in advance at the request of a homeowner and performed by TVA-certified evaluators. Report anyone who comes to your home uninvited claiming to represent TVA or KUB to local authorities immediately.


For more information, review the handout or follow the links below:

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TVA's Qualified Contractor Network

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TVA Offers Energy Efficiency Kits With Free Online Energy Audit


Take the Free Online Energy Audit and TVA will send you an Energy Efficiency Kit with tools to help you save energy and money. [Kits are mailed in four to six weeks.]


The kit includes the following items:

Two compact fluorescent bulbs
Outlet and light switch gaskets
A filter whistle
Two faucet aerators
A hot water temperature gauge
A home thermometer
"How to Save" brochure

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