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Downtown Knoxville Water Main Break


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City Officials Tour KUB Facilities 


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In the fall of 2011, KUB hosted tours of its primary facilities for both newly elected and incumbent City officials, including newly elected Mayor Madeline Rogero.


The officials joined KUB staff and commissioners for a comprehensive tour and operational briefing to learn more about KUB's safe and reliable delivery of electricity, natural gas, water, and wastewater services to more than 440,000 customers in Knoxville, Knox County, and seven surrounding counties. For an overview of each system, see the Service Areas and System Statistics in the Utilities section of our 2011 Annual Report.


KUB is a municipal utility (not for profit) established under the Knoxville City Charter. It is governed by seven commissioners who serve seven-year terms, with one commissioner's term expiring each year. Each year, the Board submits the names of at least five nominees to the mayor of Knoxville. The mayor selects one of those individuals; who must be approved by the Knoxville City Council.


Here is a brief overview of some sites the officials toured:



Power Restoration Efforts From June Storms 

In June 2011, a severe storm hit the KUB service territory and at the height of the storm left approximately 127,000 customers without power. Large numbers of trees and wires were reported to be on the ground. KUB and contract crews worked non-stop to restore power to all customers.


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