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Brighten Someone’s Day: Give a KUB Gift Card
KUB gift cards are a great way to help rela­tives, friends, or elderly neighbors on a tight budget with their utility bills. By giving a KUB gift card, you also help safeguard the health of those you care about by ensuring they can heat or cool their homes and have water for washing.

You can purchase the gift card in any amount up to $200. There are no additional fees for purchase or use of the card. Cards may be purchased or redeemed [to pay for service, not for cash] only at KUB Payment Centers in these locations:

  • Holston Shopping Center, 4218 Asheville Highway
  • 640 Shopping Plaza, 4428 Western Avenue

Going to be out of town when your bill is due? Forgot to mail your payment? Or would you rather set up regular payments so you don't have to remember to pay each month?


Use KUB's free automated bank draft option and you'll never have to remember to make a payment again. Or you can also use SelectPay, KUB's free bank draft option, which allows you to pay any day before your bill is due -- or to set up your payment ahead of time to draft from your bank or credit union account on the date you schedule. Register or log in, and click Payment Options to use any of these payment methods.

You can also sign up for the Levelized Billing Plan. KUB recalculates your payment each month based on your latest 12 months of history. That rolling average helps to keep your bill more level. Combine LBP with AutoPay and you’ll save time and avoid large swings in your bill caused by very hot or cold weather.


Choose paperless billing to go with any payment option: You'll get an e-mail each month when your bill is ready online. You can still pay using any of our payment options, by mail, or by cash or check at a KUB Payment Center or at a payment kiosk.


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