New Levelized Billing Plan (LBP) Replaces BalancedPay Plan in May

KUB is temporarily not enrolling customers in our monthly budget pay plan. Please check back in May for more information on the new Levelized Billing Plan option, which will replace the BalancedPay Plan.


Levelized Billing Plan will help keep your bills more "level" by recalculating your bill each month based on your latest 12 months history. LBP will also help you:

  • Minimize the large swings you may have had under BPP
  • Lessen the impact from extremely hot or cold weather

Your bill will be more level over the long run with LBP. It will vary some each month, however. [To see your bill amount as soon as your bill is ready, sign up on under My Notification Profile for a monthly e-mail alert.]


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