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The KUB Web home page changes periodically to include seasonal topics, new functionality, and special promotions. If you are looking for something that you formerly found on the home page, it should be included in this alphabetical list of topics.


2015 Annual Report

Backflow Prevention Devices


Call 811

Can the Grease

Century II

Community Meetings

Construction Projects Map

Cross-Connection Control Program

Drinking Water Guide

Energy Audits


Executive Summary

Grease Control Guide for Food Service Facilities

Green Power


Kiosks – Payment Kiosks

KUB Response to Tree Trim Panel Recommendations

KUB Rules and Regulations

Levelized Billing Plan

MainStreet Efficiency Pilot

Manage Utility Bills

Meter Access/Pad Mounted Transformers

Meter Modernization

Meter Seal Removal

Natural Gas Odor/Safety

Natural Gas Safety Brochure

Natural Gas Safety Videos

Pad Mounted Transformers/Meter Access

Paperless Billing

Payment Kiosks

Payment Options

Phone Number Update

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

Privacy Policy

Private Lateral Program

Project Help


Secondary Water Meters

Sewer Overflows

Smoke Testing

Special Status Trees

Speakers Request

Start/Stop Service

Straight From the Tap: Safe Drinking Water

Toilets Are Not Trash Cans

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Customer Guide

Tree Pruning Video: Why and What We Prune

Tree Pruning Video: How We Prune

Tree Pruning Video: Pruning Options

Tree Pruning Video: Customer Notification

Unwanted Medicine Disposal

Utility Service Tampering

Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management Progress Report

Water Quality Report

Watering and Leak Credits

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