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Welcome to KUB! We offer a variety of tools to help college students manage their utility services.

  Whether you're moving to Knoxville or to a new address across town, KUB makes it easy for you to start or stop your utility service online, anytime, from anywhere.

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Need to report a service problem? If you are logged in to your Web account, you can report service trouble on your electric, water, and wastewater services. You must report natural gas service trouble to KUB by phone to help ensure a rapid response.


Go Paperless! It's the green thing to do. Sign up for Paperless Billing to help protect the environment and make your life a little easier.


For just $4 a month per block, you can also purchase Green Power, which is energy generated by renewable resources like wind, solar power, and methane gas. Buying five blocks of Green Power has the same environmental benefit as planting 2.5 acres of trees in the Tennessee Valley or not driving for nearly 10 months. 


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