Safety and Outages


KUB takes safety seriously. Our top priority is providing reliable utility service in a way that is safe for you, our crews, and the community.

From a morning shower to cooking dinner at night, utilities are tools we all use every day. Like any tool, however, utilities can pose hazards if not used safely. That’s why we maintain programs to help ensure our service is safe and reliable, and we offer safety information to customers.



Vegetation Management: Our Vegetation Management program, for example, helps keep trees out of power lines. Did you know that a tree in power lines can conduct electricity to anyone who touches it? And trees are a leading cause of power outages






Call Before You Dig: Dig-ins to buried utilities can hurt people and damage property. Whether you’re building a home or putting up a mailbox, call the Call 811 line to find and mark utilities.







KUB service is very reliable, but we can’t prevent all outages. So we also offer information on how to prepare for storms, report outages, etc.



"Move Over Tennessee" to Help Protect Utility Workers

Tennessee expanded its Move Over law on July 1, 2011, to include utility vehicles. Motorists approaching a utility vehicle with flashing lights must move over to create an empty lane buffer. If it isn't safe to change lanes, motorists must reduce speed.


KUB has over 400 vehicles with caution lights. When the lights are flashing, drivers must move over, just as they do for police, fire, and highway construction vehicles.


For more information, please visit Move Over Tennessee.





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