Restoration Order


Damage Assessment

Once a storm has passed, and as soon as it’s safe for our employees to be out in the field, KUB Damage Assessor trucks will be among the first crews to mobilize and be out on area roadways to quickly begin the process of assessing damages. Damage assessment  helps determine the appropriate resources and materials needed to begin restoring service. These vehicles will be clearly identifiable by markings, and they will often utilize flashing and/or hazard lights, and spotlights. Damage Assessor trucks may proceed slowly and stop frequently on area roadways as they inspect damages and collect important information about downed utility lines, poles, transformers, and related equipment. Please proceed with caution when traveling in close proximity to Damage Assessor trucks. KUB cannot respond to every outage at once, so it categorizes the size of the outage and services impacted to create the most effective and efficient plan.


During a typical outage, KUB will determine the order of restoration in the following sequence.

  • Critical system loads that include communications systems, water/wastewater pump stations, hospitals, and other services vital to public welfare.
  • Transmission lines (the backbone of the electric system) serving larger numbers of customers.
  • Substation equipment that can impact large numbers as well.
  • Distribution lines serving subdivisions, large housing areas, and commercial areas.
  • Service lines and transformers that serve small numbers of customers.
  • Service lines and transformers serving individual customers.






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