KUB's Fiber and Broadband Plan

KUB was recently approved by its governing bodies and regulators to upgrade its electric grid by installing an extensive fiber system, which will provide more reliable electric services, better efficiency, and shorter downtimes in the event of power outages. The fiber system will also enable KUB to offer cheaper, ultra-fast internet to all households and businesses in its electric grid service area.

KUB is currently working on an implementation plan and expects to begin providing broadband services to some customers in late 2022. These services will not immediately be available to all customers in KUB’s electric service territory. 

As a part of the approval process, KUB hosted a Broadband Public Forum May 26, 2021 for members of the public to express their opinions about KUB's Fiber to the Home Business Plan to its Board of Commissioners. To view a recording of the meeting, please click here. Use the button below to view answers to several common questions we received during the public input process.

Plan de negocios de fibra hasta el hogar

Preguntas y respuestas del Foro Público de Banda Ancha


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Fiber to the Home Business Case

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