Clean and affordable. 
Natural gas is the natural choice.

It is a versatile energy that adds immediate and lasting value to your home, and continues to do so each time you install a new natural gas appliance.

It’s also friendly on your wallet, costing less than electricity, propane, and heating oil. This safe solution burns clean, and boasts one of the most long-standing and environmentally responsible delivery systems in the nation. 

It's Clean

The direct use of natural gas
achieves 92% efficiency, far better
than any other energy source.
It's Convenient

An endless supply of hot water, 
precise control for cooking, and 
faster drying time for your laundry.
It's Dependable

Regardless of whether the sun is
shining or the wind is blowing,
natural gas is always there for you.
It's Economical

Natural gas provides the best energy
value, costing less than electricity, 
propane and heating oil.