Interested in biosolids for your farm?

KUB nutrient-rich biosolids are a free, environmentally friendly alternative to buying fertilizer products. On average, KUB biosolids contain 3.8%  nitrogen, 2.6% phosphorous, and about 0.2% potassium. Our biosolids have been approved by the Department of Agriculture as a registered fertilizer since 2010.

Farmers interested in applying biosolids must have a site that is at least 50 acres. Buffering around streams, homes, wells, and property boundaries will reduce the total acreage to which biosolids can be applied. If interested in biosolids for your farm, contact us at

Synagro, KUB’s biosolids contractor, will send a technical field manager to evaluate the suitability of your site. If the site meets requirements, the necessary permitting application will be submitted to the Tennessee Department of Conservation.

To learn more about Synagro, visit

Please contact KUB at for more information.