KUB nutrient-rich biosolids are a free, environmentally friendly alternative to buying fertilizer products. On average, KUB biosolids contain 3.8 percent nitrogen, 2.6 percentphosphorous, and about 0.2 percent potassium.

As an example, one can compare the plant available Nitrogen for chemical fertilizers versus biosolids when applied to an orchard grass hay field. If you assume a chemical fertilizer such as Ammonium Nitrate with 34 percent available Nitrogen, a farmer with 400 acres would need to apply 24 tons of commercial fertilizer per year at a cost of approximately $10,000. Using KUB biosolids, the farmer would receive the needed plant available Nitrogen at no cost to the landowner or operator and help keep beneficial biosolids out of landfills.

Farmers interested in applying biosolids must have a site that is at least 50 acres. Buffering, around streams, homes, wells, and property boundaries will reduce the total acreage to which biosolids are applied.

KUB's biosolids management contractor, Synagro, will send a technical field manager to evaluate the suitability of the site. He or she will sample the soil and calculate the amount of biosolids required to meet agronomic needs. The contractor will complete a permit application showing the site, loading rates, application area, crops to be grown, and operators/owners acknowledgement of the application. Synagro submits the application to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation for approval.

Synagro delivers the biosolids to the field and applies them for the farmer using a tractor-pulled side slinger or manure spreader. During the summer season, the contractor usually applies biosolids within a week or two of delivery. The contractor does not apply biosolids during inclement weather. In the winter months, Synagro often prepares a rock pad on which to store the biosolids.

Please contact KUB at (865) 524-2911 for more information.