KUB, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) , and the environmental community are working together to provide KUB's customers the option of utilizing Green Power. Green Power is electric power drawn from renewable resources that have a minimal impact on the environment. The use of Green Power can help ease the dependency of the Tennessee Valley upon non-renewable resources such as coal and other fossil fuels. By using fewer fossil fuels to generate energy, we can help maintain the clean air and water we all enjoy for generations to come. It's easy for residential and business customers to signup for Green Power and have it appear on  your monthly statement.

TVA uses solar energy, wind, and methane gas to generate power for its Green Power Switch®program. KUB and other power distributors are now participating in TVA's Green Power Switch® program.

Green Power Statistics through April 30, 2018
Residential Customers - 1,888
Residential Blocks Purchased - 4,112
Commercial Customers - 44
Commercial Blocks Purchased - 630
RECS Customers - 1
RECS Blocks Purchased – 800
Total Customers – 1,933
Total Blocks Purchased - 5,542

Program added a total of 2 new customers this month purchasing 5 blocks.