Mintha E. Roach Corporate Services and Conference Center Solar Array

In 2017, KUB added a 50 kilowatt rooftop solar array on its Corporate Services Building. The system was designed to offset 15 percent of the building’s electric load and 45 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually, which is equal to preventing emissions from 110,000 miles driven or 5,100 gallons of fuel consumed. Additionally, the project helps KUB better understand solar impacts on the electric system and support customers who are interested in installing their own systems. 

Engineering Building Solar Array and Sustainability Features

KUB's new 45,000 square-foot Engineering Building at the Hoskins Operations Center campus was completed in summer 2019. Sustainability features included in the building's design and construction are expected to result in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The building also won a 2020 Orchid Award from Keep Knoxville Beautiful in the area of Environmental Stewardship. The building includes a 57-kilowatt rooftop solar array, along with the following sustainability features:

  • On-site concrete recycling during construction
  • Off-site asphalt, steel, and wood recycling during construction
  • 100 percent LED light fixtures
  • Eight new electric vehicle charging stations with capacity for expansion
  • Hot water solar panel serving restrooms and break rooms
  • Daylight sensing perimeter lighting
  • Highly efficient water fixtures and HVAC system with smart capabilities