KUB's H2O To Go mobile water unit is a traveling water station with five taps that dispense cold drinking water. H2O To Go is available for the public to request for community events as a way to provide high-quality drinking water and reduce the use of single-use bottled water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications to request H2O To Go? 

  • The event in need of the H2O To Go unit must be within KUB's water service territory.
  • The event must have 100 or more attendees.
  • The event must not require the unit for more than four hours.
  • KUB needs two weeks notice from the date of the request to the event date.
  • KUB must have access to a water source at the requested location. 

What size is the unit? The unit is 66 1/4 in. L x 62 in. H x 24 in. W

Is the unit accessible for children and those in wheelchairs? Yes. H2O To Go unit has four taps in the front and one lower tap on the side.

How do I request H2O To Go? Request the unit by filling out the online form below. (Select "speaker request" then "H2O To Go")

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