The TDEC Division of Water Supply requires all water utilities to have an approved Cross-Connection Program.  Under the program, customers with potential cross-connections must install, test, and maintain a backflow prevention device. If the water system loses pressure, the required backflow device prevents contaminated water from your home or business from flowing backward into the public water supply.

To learn more about backflow prevention devices and your responsibilities, please click here to see the Cross-Connection Control and Prevention Brochure. 

Backflow prevention devices must be tested annually, after installation, and after any repairs are made by a state certified and KUB approved backflow tester. If you need to complete a backflow device test, please click here to access a list of available testers on the KUB backflow prevention web portal. To see the complete list of testers, please select the "Show All" option from the available testers button.

To assist in identifying the backflow devices that need to be tested please click here to access the KUB backflow prevention web portal. Use the customer web access code provided on the written notification from KUB to log in and review customer contact and backflow information.

Commonly Requested Documents

Blank Backflow Prevention Device Test Form

KUB Standards and Specifications

List of Facility Types Susceptible to Cross-Connection

KUB is a member of the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA).  Here is a video created by the ABPA on the importance of backflow preventers and cross-connection control.