Green Invest

KUB plans to add 502 megawatts of new-to-the-grid solar power for KUB customers through TVA’s Green Invest program. The new arrays will account for 20 percent of KUB's electric load. 

KUB is the first of TVA’s local power companies to enter a Green Invest agreement with a commitment of 212 megawatts of solar power in March. Others to take advantage of TVA’s Green Invest offering include General Motors, Facebook, and a partnership between the city of Nashville, Vanderbilt and LPC Nashville Electric for 100 megawatts.

Creating a Greener Future

How Green Invest changes your energy profile.

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Renewable Energy at KUB

KUB is committed to providing clean and safe energy.

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Green Switch Match

Make a difference with 100% renewable power for your home or business! 

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Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

Apply today to earn up to $400 toward a new level 2 charger for your home. 

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