Always Fast

Always $65/mo.

Gig speed internet from KUB on Knoxville’s only 100% fiber-home network. Get true, gig speed internet that’s $65 a month, every month. No fine print and 100% local.

Find Fiber in
your area.

We are working to build a fiber network that will connect our entire community to fast and reliable internet. Check to learn more about availability in your area.

What's the Difference?

No Fine Print

Unlike the big guys, we offer a fiber product that isn’t weighed down by hidden disclaimers or fine print. Take us at face value. What you see is truly what you get.

Won’t Go Up

We’ll never throw you a financial curveball. Our fiber home internet is just $65 a month, every month. Consistency in service means consistency in price.

100% Local

With a 100% local support team, you’ll receive top tier customer service from your neighborhood fiber specialists equipped to handle any of your needs.

Ready for 1000mbps Speeds?

With KUB, you'll reach fiber internet speeds like never before. Use our quick test to determine your current internet speed.

How do I get a static IP address, and what does it cost?

KUB Fiber residential customers are eligible to purchase static IP addresses. Please contact our call center at 865-524-2911 if you would like to order one.

For more information on static IP's visit our Static IP FAQs.

How does your service compare to other service providers?

We offer a base package that includes 1 gigabit symmetrical upload and download speeds for $65 a month to residential customers. Research has shown that these performance levels are currently unavailable for most customers in our electric service area for that price and will allow customers to operate more devices more reliably.

Television, phone, and managed Wi-Fi products are also available to residential customers. Phone and managed Wi-Fi products are available to business customers.

Where will the tech support and call center be located and how do I contact them?

KUB has dedicated local technical and customer support staff to ensure that our customers' issues are fully understood when they arise.

For technical support contact 865-524-2911, 24/7x365, and follow the prompts for technical support.

For customer support contact 865-524-2911, 7am-9pm Monday - Saturday, and follow the prompts for fiber, then for residential or for business.

Does KUB offer television and phone services?

Yes, KUB will offer television and phone services. Explore our package offerings for both business and residential customers.

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