KUB’s most significant contribution to renewable energy is its commitment to purchase solar power through TVA’s Green Invest Program on behalf of KUB customers. In 2020, KUB became the first local power company to participate in the program with a commitment to purchase 502 megawatts of solar – the largest of any organization to take advantage of the Green Invest program. While supply chain pressures impacted the timeline and ability to build a portion of the originally planned solar capacity, KUB is currently on track to bring online a total of 325 MW by 2026 with a $3.1 million annual investment for the next 20 years.

When KUB committed to participating in Green Invest, it also set a goal to generate 20% of its total electric load from solar resources. Green Invest is a major step toward achieving that goal, as it accounts for approximately 14% of KUB’s load. 

The new-to-the-world solar arrays built through Green Invest will generate enough green energy to power approximately 54,000 average homes.The program enables KUB to meet its own sustainability goals while demonstrating KUB’s commitment to serve the Knoxville area as an environmental steward and partner. The purchase is a significant step to help the City of Knoxville meet its goal to reduce carbon emissions by 80% relative to 2005 and positions Knoxville as one of the top cities in the nation for solar power investment.