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At KUB, we value the commitment and hard work of our employees. Our employees are our most valuable assets and we know investing in employees is essential – we offer competitive compensation and benefit programs to enhance the quality of life for our employees, both at home and work.


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Training and Regulatory Specialist - 17793

he primary responsibilities of this position include (1) overseeing / coordinating / developing regulatory training and (2) serving as a regulatory specialist (e.g. program / project manager for environmental and / or safety programs). Regarding the Training Coordinator role, this employee will implement in-person and computer-based training programs; develop training modules as well as any supplemental testing / certification / qualification, as applicable; assist internal department with reports and training dashboards, and conduct QA/QC and training audits. Strong organizational skills and IT skills are essential for this task. Regarding the Regulatory Specialist role, this employee may, depending on level and type of experience, assist with compliance projects and programs. Examples could include remediation projects, site assessments, waste management / disposal, stormwater, regulatory reporting, etc. Strong analytical skills, ability to manage multiple programs, and ability to work within a team are essential for this position. This position also requires frequent technical writing and the ability to comprehend technical information such as lab analyses. Develops and / or updates program manuals, procedures, process documentation, and training materials to instruct or for others to provide instruction. Communicates regulatory changes and requirements to all levels of the organization in written or presentation format. May participate with other cross-functional teams within KUB, occasionally assuming a leadership role to address specific goals and objectives. May require beyond normal business hours or standby support to aforementioned programs

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Grid Modernization Engineer - 17785

Responsible for directly supporting KUB’s plans to modernize the design and operation of the electric distribution system. Provide direction and planning for various programs within Grid Modernization with a focus on operational technologies. Responsible for all phases of project implementation including technology review and selection; defining project budget, scope and schedule; preparing project justification for budgetary approval; project management; internal and external reporting and tracking; and continuous stakeholder engagement. Responsible for collaborating with KUB’s utility transformation, information technology, operational technology and operational teams representing our engineering department supporting KUB’s plans to modernize our electric distribution system. Support planning and implementation of current and future grid modernization programs, including but not limited to Volt-Var Optimization (VVO) and Distribution Management System (DMS), including control and integration of inverter-based distribution assets; planning and forecasting tools (CYME); and analysis and visualization of archival and real-time power system data. Investigate new and emerging technologies in the industry and assess the relevance and benefit to KUB’s grid modernization strategy and coordinate with internal teams to review and evaluate those options through the competitive procurement process. This role will provide technical guidance, project management, and grid modernization insight and planning. Receive training to perform storm response duties with other department members. Note: For more specific information regarding this position, please contact Human Resources.

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Financial Analyst - 17778

Typical projects include trend analysis, revenue models, forecasts, and cost studies. Must be able to extract and analyze complex data, draw meaningful conclusions, and present summary information. Interprets and applies complex rules or guidelines to specific situations. Applies experience and knowledge to decision-making. Communicates with and is accountable to a variety of individuals, multidisciplinary teams, and management. Must be flexible in performing daily tasks and accept additional duties as needed.

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Why KUB?

Working at KUB is more than a job – it’s a career path to success with excellent benefits and competitive pay that allows you to make a difference in our community!

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Our History

Much has changed since KUB was established in 1939, but our commitment to our customers and community is still strong. As we look to the future, we are dedicated to being good stewards of our utility systems and our ratepayers’ dollars.

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Our Community

KUB connects our community through more than just pipes and wires. KUB is active in the community through partnerships, outreach events, volunteer efforts, and service projects.

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