At KUB, we exist to serve our customers, providing reliable utility services to the community every day. As the situation surrounding COVID-19 evolves, we want to assure our customers that those reliable services will remain that way. 

We are taking the following proactive measures in our operations to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community, while making sure our customers' services are not interrupted.

  • We have suspended all KUB community events until further notice and minimized all visitors on KUB campuses.
  • We have shifted scheduling to limit employee contact. Construction crew start times will be staggered, lowering the number of employees onsite at one time. Workspaces are sanitized before and after each employee's shift.
  • Our workforce is spreading out. Those who must remain on site to perform their duties have more distance from their coworkers.
  • We have implemented work-from-home plans for our employees who can successfully complete their work from home.

Beginning April 1, our customer service centers will be closed. Until April 1, customer service center occupancy is limited to 10 customers at one time. We are encouraging customers to use one of our self-service payment methods, which can be found here. For a map of places you can pay your bill, including convenient kiosk locations, click here.

We are also mindful of impacted customers during this time of uncertainty. To assist our customers, we have suspended disconnections for non-payment until further notice. While services will not be disconnected, bills will continue to accrue. We encourage customers to make payments if able. Click here to learn more about how we will manage disconnects for non-payment during the pandemic.