Use this link to download any of the Energy Saver Guides listed below.


The Original Energy Savers

Did you know that the average U.S. family spends close to $1,300 a year on energy bills? Unfortunately, a lot of that energy is wasted.

The Energy Savers booklet is full of tips on saving energy throughout the home. Topics include auditing your energy use, insulation and weatherization, heating and cooling, water heating, windows, landscaping, lighting, and appliances. 


Energy Savers Spanish Version

The Spanish-language Energy Savers booklet contains the same great energy-saving tips as the original Energy Savers.


Energy Savers Cool Summer Tips

This tri-fold brochure offers simple, low-cost tips to save energy and money during the hot summer months. Suggestions for longer-term energy savings are also provided.


Energy Savers Cool Summer Tips Spanish Version

This is the Spanish version of the Cool Summer Tips brochure, with the same simple summertime suggestions.


Energy Savers Hot Winter Tips 

Winter won't have such a negative impact on energy bills with the help of this tri-fold brochure. Tips are short and easy to follow.


Energy Savers Hot Winter Tips Spanish Version

This is the Hot Winter Tips brochure in Spanish. Same tri-fold format, same hot tips.