KUB Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing is the most convenient and quickest way to manage your KUB bill. Plus, it's environmentally friendly.

Paperless Billing customers:

  • Receive bills straight to their email inbox and mobile app, meaning no worries about misplacing the paper bill.
  • Can make safe and secure online payments.
  • Have access to their past 18 months of bills online and on KUB's mobile app.
  • Contribute to the reduction in paper waste, meaning fewer greenhouse gas emissions from mailing more than 2 million KUB bills each year.

To sign up: 

  • Log in to your KUB account on your desktop or through the mobile app.
  • Desktop: Click “Billing Options.” Check “Enroll Me.”
  • Mobile App: Click “Bills & Payment Programs.” Click the “Billing” tab. Click “Enroll.”

Reminder: Confirm your e-mail address is correct in your profile settings. You may also set your preferences to receive text notifications for your bill.