KUB's Eye Spy Energy Kids' Workshop makes saving energy fun! In partnership with TVA EnergyRight®, the EnergyRight Monsters show kids where energy comes from, why it's important to save it, and fun ways they can conserve. Topics covered include: 

  • Where energy comes from
  • How we use energy
  • How energy gets to our homes
  • What uses the most energy
  • Fun and easy ways to save energy at home

This workshop is designed for children in grades K-5. After learning about everything from energy sources and power generation, to turning off the lights when they leave a room, kids will come away from the Eye Spy Energy Kids' Workshop ready to help you save energy and money.

Duration: 1 hour

EnergyRight Monsters Materials 

In addition to attending a scheduled workshop or requesting one for your group, the following materials are available for children to learn about energy and conservation: 

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