KUB, in partnership with TVA EnergyRight® and City of Knoxville’s Savings in the House programs, offers free energy and water saving workshops for area community groups. Through these workshops, KUB representatives present easy and accessible ways to take control of your energy and water use. Interactive displays demonstrate how simple changes can yield real results in your home, such as with energy-efficient lighting, insulation, weatherstripping, and more. Participants receive Home Energy Starter Kits, which contain tools and materials to help you begin making your home more efficient, and water conservation kits, which provide easy solutions for cutting back on your monthly water use.
From fixing a leaky toilet to knowing how to set your thermostat, learning how to make repairs or usage changes can create opportunities for savings on your monthly utility bill. Click the button below to request a workshop for your group.

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For more information about energy savings tips, visit our Energy Saving Tips page.

Workshops for Students 

To learn about savings workshops for teens, click here.

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