How does community solar work?

Community solar programs allow participants to split the cost and the output of a shared community array, which in this case, will be owned, maintained, and operated by KUB. Customers subscribe to a portion or share(s) of the array for a monthly fee. The solar array will generate clean energy, which is put back on the electric grid. Participants are able to claim to their portion of the renewable energy generated and will receive a bill credit for their portion of the energy produced.

Who can participate?

KUB’s Community Solar program is open to all KUB residential and commercial customers, regardless of whether the customer has electric, fiber, natural gas, wastewater, or water services.

Note: Participants must have active KUB service to participate. 

Will there be any equipment installed at my home?

No. Participating in community solar doesn’t require any equipment to be installed on your home, which means no large upfront fees or ongoing maintenance. This makes it a great option for individuals who may be unable to have solar arrays on their properties, such as those who rent, live in condos or apartments, or have trees and shading on their properties.

Will I save money on my utility bill by participating in KUB Community Solar?

KUB Community Solar will not save customers money on their utility bills. It is simply an option to purchase locally generated solar power in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Due to the economics of the site, it will cost more to participate than participants will get back in credits.

How will KUB Community Solar appear on my bill? 

Community solar subscription costs will appear in the "Other Charges" section of your KUB bill. There will be both a charge and a credit shown on your bill. 

If you choose to donate your credit to the Project Help emergency heating assitance program, this will be shown as a separate "Billing Adjustment" on the first page of your KUB bill.

When will my monthly charge and credit show up on my bill? 

KUB Community Solar subscriptions will show up on your next KUB bill after signing up. This may be the month you sign-up or the following month, depending on your bill cycle.

How is my credit determined?

The monthly credit is determined by the monthly amount of energy produced divided by the number of shares. Production will vary based on the time of year, just as it would if you had panels on your home.

How many shares are available?

There are approximately 2,100 shares available, and customers can request multiple shares. Once all shares are fully subscribed, there will be no additional sign-ups.

How many shares would it take to power all of my electric consumption with renewable energy?

Each share is estimated to produce approximately 640 kwh of renewable energy per year. It would take approximately 20 shares to cover the entire electric consumption for a typical residential electric customer. The actual energy produced by your shares will be shown next to the monthly solar credit on your KUB bill. Subscribers will also receive an annual statement of their total renewable energy production each calendar year.

Is there an annual commitment?

No. Participants can unsubscribe at any time; however, if a participant chooses to unsubscribe, there will be a 12-month waiting period before they are eligible to re-enroll.