KUB is proud to provide reliable electric service to its customers and works hard each day to maintain and improve that reliability. But power outages are not completely avoidable and are caused by a variety of things from squirrels to car accidents. If you are experiencing a power outage, your AMI meter would have notified KUB immediately. To confirm your outage or report one, click here or visit KUB's mobile app.

The leading cause of power outages is vegetation. KUB prunes trees and other vegetation along approximately 1,000 miles of electric lines each year for improved reliability through its Vegetation Management Program. KUB's Century II infrastructure management program also works for reliability through regular replacement of aging infrastructure.

When an outage occurs, KUB responds to the areas affected with a defined restoration philosophy that focuses on restoring power to the largest amount of customers first. In tandem, KUB works to restore power to critical facilities such as hospitals and communication systems for emergency notifications. You can watch progress on any outage event by viewing our outage map where we use a color coded system of dots to represent numbers of customers impacted by outage event. The video below consists of screenshots from an actual storm and shows that outages impacting the most customers are restored first. Note that the larger dots are addressed first.

When service damage occurs, it's important to understand who is responsible for the repair. Click here for information on who is responsible for tree work when the electric service line is damaged. If your electric service line or equipment is damaged at the connection to your home, click here.

More details about how to prepare for and react to a power outages are outlined below.