KUB Natural Gas

Connect to Comfort with KUB natural gas.

Experience the comfort and convenience that natural gas can bring to one's daily life. It is a versatile energy that adds immediate and lasting value to a home. 

KUB offers specialized natural gas appliance services tailored to meet customers needs – learn more here.

KUB also offers natural gas appliance rebates for new appliance installation – learn more here.

Discover the benefits of natural gas from APGA at this link.

Make the switch to natural gas and elevate your home's energy efficiency and comfort. 

Water Heater Financing Available

KUB offers 0% on-bill financing on new natural gas water heaters.

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Natural Gas Appliance Services

Let KUB install your natural gas water heater or other natural gas appliances.

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Natural Gas Safety & Environmental Stewardship

Learn about natural gas safety and KUB's commitment to reducing emissions in its natural gas system.

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Appliance Rebate Program

Thinking about converting to natural gas for a range or other appliance? Save money through KUB's Natural Gas Appliance Rebate Program and enjoy the clean-burning efficiency of natural gas.

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KUB's CNG Station

Learn about KUB's compressed natural gas station - just one of the ways KUB supports the use of clean, environmentally friendly fuels. The station supports the growth of local CNG fleets and also serves CNG traffic passing through Knoxville.

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