Thinking about converting to natural gas for a grill or other appliance? Save money through KUB's Natural Gas Appliance Rebate Program and enjoy the clean-burning efficiency of natural gas.

Savings are available to existing residential natural gas customers converting to natural gas appliances, such as ranges, water heaters, clothes dryers and heating units who:


  • Convert an electric appliance by purchasing and installing a new natural gas appliance or,
  • Convert an existing propane appliance by purchasing and installing a new appliance or converting the existing appliance from propane to natural gas

Simply purchase a new natural gas appliance, or convert an existing propane appliance, have it installed or retrofitted by the contractor of your choice, and complete the rebate form.

Be sure to attach the required documentation. View and download the Appliance Rebate Checklist to be sure you have all the items you need. 

Rebate levels vary by appliance. Rebates will be applied to your KUB bill.