KUB Water: From River to Tap

The Tennessee River is the heart of the community, and our source of drinking water. KUB’s water treatment plant and water quality laboratory ensure our communities have clean, high-quality water that meets or exceeds regulatory standards. And KUB's wastewater treatment plants ensure that water is returned to the river cleaner than we found it.

KUB plays an important role in protecting our source water and you can, too.

Learn about KUB's water quality and find ways you can work to keep the river clean below.

KUB's Water Quality

Learn more about KUB's water treatment process, and take a look at the latest Water Quality Reports.

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What You Can Do

Learn how you can help protect our water, including tips about conserving water and knowing what not to flush.

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KUB's H2O To Go

H2O To Go is a mobile water unit available for community events that offer cold, high-quality tap water.