KUB's Biosolids Beneficial Reuse Program

Biosolids are a nutrient-rich product of KUB's wastewater treatment process. KUB’s wastewater treatment plant separates solid materials from liquid waste and sends the solids to digesters where the material is heated and mixed with helpful bacteria to destroy harmful pathogens and reduce odor.

After treatment and water removal, the biosolids can be applied to soil like fertilizer, recycling essential nutrients. In fact, KUB’s biosolids are a registered fertilizer with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and land applied by our partner Synagro.

KUB has beneficially reused its biosolids for over 30 years. All of the product is applied to farms in Knox and surrounding counties as a soil amendment.
 Most agricultural land treated with biosolids is pastureland, and all farms interested in receiving our biosolids must meet federal buffer requirements to ensure the biosolids do not enter the area streams. Proper treatment, storage, and application of biosolids prevent impacts from surface water runoff and leaching to groundwater. Biosolids recycling facilitates vegetation growth, reducing soil erosion and improving nearby water quality.

Want to learn more? Click here if you are a farmer or member of the public interested in learning more about using KUB's biosolids on your land. KUB welcomes opportunities to educate the public about biosolids and beneficial reuse. If you are an educator in the KUB service area and would like a KUB representative to speak to your class about biosolids, contact biosolids@kub.org

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