Natural gas is a safe, clean, and affordable source of energy in our community, but natural gas leaks do happen, and they are most common on customer owned fuel lines and appliances so it is important that you’re familiar with key natural gas safety procedures:

  • Keep the area around your furnace and water heater clean and free from litter.
  • Do not store gasoline or paint thinner indoors.
  • Do not use or store flammables near natural gas appliances.
  • Keep your heating system air filters clean, or replace them monthly before they become clogged with dirt.
  • Keep furnace room air vents open. Natural gas appliances require air to burn efficiently.
  • Keep and use a carbon monoxide detector in your home.
  • Keep phone numbers available for service.
  • Follow these steps if the pilot light on a natural gas appliance goes out:
    • Shut off the natural gas supply at the appliance’s valve.
    • Allow time for accumulated natural gas to escape.
    • Follow the relight procedure posted on the appliance

If you don’t want to attempt relighting contact a licensed heating or plumbing contractor.