Energy & Water Savings Workshops

KUB, in partnership with TVA EnergyRight, offers its customers free workshops to learn simple ways to save energy and water at home, which also saves money on utility bills.

Workshops for adults

Energy & Water Savings Workshops include an hour-long presentation led by KUB representatives using interactive displays to show how each tip makes a difference. Attendees receive conservation kits to get started. 

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Workshops for teens

The Energy Evolution Teen Workshop for middle and high school students empower attendees to play their role in energy conservation. 

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Workshops for kids

Eye Spy Energy Kids' Workshops introduce kids to the TVA EnergyRight Monsters, who make saving energy fun. Kids learn where energy comes from, how to save energy, and more. 

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KUB offers savings workshops for kids, teens, and adults.


Home Efficiency Upgrades

KUB works with its customers and community partners to weatherize low-income families' homes, providing a root cause solution for those with high energy consumption.

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Energy & Water Savings Tips

Learn simple ways you can save energy and water at your home or business.

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KUB Green

Learn how KUB supports sustainability in its operations and in the community.

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