Enroll in PMP

As a property owner, you may be too busy to call and transfer service back to your name every time a tenant moves out. And those $35 transfer fees can really add up. 

By participating in the Property Management Plan (PMP), you can -

  • Add or remove properties online
  • Start service or leave a 3-day notice online
  • Save time and effort in transferring services
  • Save money on transfer fees or connection charges
  • Have access to utilities regardless of property rental status
  • Eliminate concern about pipes bursting in cold weather
  • Eliminate worry over whether or not you remembered to have utility services transferred back to your name

Under this plan, when a tenant issues a disconnect order, all available KUB services on the account will automatically revert to you, the landlord, eliminating inconvenient interruptions of service. You can choose to receive notice of this disconnection by e-mail or letter, or you can opt out of either type of notification. 

KUB waives the transfer fee for you, since this agreement is pre-authorized and results in reduced order time for us.

The utility service(s) will remain on in your name until a new tenant provides us with authorization for service. If a tenant’s service is disconnected due to non-payment, the PMP for that service address is suspended, and the service will remain off until you notify KUB to reconnect the service or you place a start for the service through your online account.

To participate in the Property Management Plan, your KUB account must remain in good standing. Late payments may result in removal of your properties from the PMP and/or deposit requirements.

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