KUB, like many other utilities nationwide, must verify system capacity before allowing new sewer connections to help prevent sewer overflows. Our Capacity Reservation Program (CRP) helps us meet federal capacity assurance requirements, protect our environment, and support our community's growth.

Developers of commercial, industrial, government, or multi-unit residential projects must complete a Capacity Review Application to allow KUB to determine if the wastewater system can support additional flow from new development.

Note: CRP applications are required for all commercial projects and for customers or developers building two or more homes. Customers building a single-family home (not a multi-unit residential development) are not subject to the CRP application process. KUB handles these reviews through a process with the City and County building permit offices.

The CRP helps protect developers by ensuring [before they make a large investment] that KUB can serve their completed project. It also helps protect our environment by giving KUB and the developer time to work on sewer improvements in areas that have overflow issues, so that the system can safely support new connections.