KUB’s Procurement Department is responsible for procuring all materials, supplies, services, construction, and maintenance work necessary for its utility operations, including electric, gas, water, and wastewater operations.

Follow these steps to become a successful supplier or contractor:

Understand KUB

Learn and understand the critical differences in how KUB purchases and how private businesses purchase.

Contractor Prequalification Process

KUB's Procurement Department has developed a Contractor Prequalification Program that will include all construction contractors (electric, gas, water, and wastewater). Any contractor that wishes to bid on and perform construction work for KUB will be required to participate in the new Prequalification Program. KUB is now accepting pre-qualification applications for contractors who would like to bid on KUB construction projects.

Compete in the Procurement Process

Compete in the bidding process. As a courtesy, KUB will forward bids to prospective bidders. If you do not receive a request for a quote, bid, or proposal, check the bid opportunities on our Web site at www.kub.org, call the KUB bid phone line at (865) 558-2633, or contact the Procurement Department at (865) 558-2567. To register as a prospective bidder, please fill out the Bidder Registration Form.

Develop a Responsive Quote, Bid, or Proposal

Read solicitation documents carefully as they include standard forms and special provisions along with contract clauses. Assess the task, risk, costs, and potential profit. Be as complete and accurate as possible. Do not guess or overpromise in your bid. Allow adequate time to prepare your quote, bid, or proposal.

Follow Up

Even if your quote, bid, or proposal is not successful, it is important to know who was and why. KUB’s Procurement Department will share the results with you upon request. You might receive valuable information for writing your next offer.