Trees are beautiful and important to our environment. But trees growing near or into power lines are a danger and may cause power outages.

Having your power go out is annoying—and it can also be dangerous. When a tree comes in contact with a power line, it gives electrical current a path to the ground. That makes it a potential electrocution hazard to crews restoring service and to the public.

KUB takes our responsibility to provide safe, reliable power seriously. Our Vegetation Management Program seeks to prevent problems through ongoing maintenance. It takes three to four years to inspect and prune our 5,000-plus miles of lines, then we start all over again.

We must prune for safety and reliability, but we know pruning is not always a popular or attractive solution. As we prune, our goal is to be as respectful of your trees as possible.

Like many, we would prefer to have all power lines run underground. But the cost to move existing lines underground (approximately $1 million per mile) would drive electric bills up considerably.

Our customer guide includes an overview of how we prune, your options to standard pruning, sample photos of pruned trees, and answers to frequently asked questions.

You can also use the map linked below to see if crews will be working in your area.

Tree Pruning Map