KUB is committed to improving the value of our service through efficiency, innovation and communication. To meet the needs of current and future customers, KUB is installing advanced meters across its system through the Century II grid modernization program. Century II is KUB’s long-range program to improve and maintain our utility systems for our current and future customers.

The advanced meters offer many benefits for both customers and KUB. Advanced meters provide more accurate measuring of utility usage, allow KUB to respond to outages quicker and reduce the need to read meters on the customer’s property. They also reduce field technician visits, lowering cost and keeping vehicles off the road.

For more information, see our Century II Meter Modernization Fact SheetFrequently Asked Questions, and Advanced Meter Safety whitepaper.

KUB's meter modernization program uses a combination of wireless and fiber technologies to provide metering services and support new technology to improve electric reliability. Because of this combined technology approach, we are not deploying fiber across our entire system as some other utilities have done. As a result, our system's infrastructure doesn't support additional telecommunications services like telephone or internet. For more information on how we made this decision, please see this issue paper regarding KUB's telecommunications infrastructure.