Wastewater storage allows KUB to more quickly and surely meet regulatory deadlines to eliminate sewer overflows, and it helps relieve stress on treatment plants during heavy rains. 

KUB has six operating wet weather wastewater storage tanks on its system. 

When a trunk sewer associated with a tank reaches capacity, the facility automatically diverts wastewater from the pipe. The facility stores the wastewater until the flow in the pipe decreases. Then it releases the wastewater back into the system at a controlled rate. 

The storage facilities each include a diversion structure located in-line with the trunk sewer, a pumping station, a grinder well upstream of the pumps, a storage tank, an odor control facility, and all associated piping.

KUB anticipates that any tank will be used several times a year, depending on rainfall in its area, for a few days at a time.

KUB operates storage tanks in the following locations:

  • Upper First Creek, storage capacity 9 million gallons

  • Lower First Creek, storage capacity 5 million gallons

  • Second Creek, storage capacity 5.5 million gallons

  • Third Creek, storage capacity 4 million gallons

  • Lower Third Creek (where KUB's Kuwahee Wastewater Treatment Plant is located), storage capacity 6.5 million gallons

  • Walker Springs, storage capacity 3.25 million gallons