We do our best to preserve your tree’s health as we prune. All our crews use the lateral pruning method recommended by arborists, the Arbor Day Foundation, and other tree-care organizations.

KUB prunes only trees that are in the utility maintenance zone and are threatening power lines. We do not prune trees that interfere with the individual service line that connects to your house.

If you have a tree threatening your service line, however, you can call us to lower the line temporarily so your professional tree service can safely prune the tree. We will reconnect the line when your work is done.

KUB and Customers Share Responsibility for Service Repairs
When service damage occurs, it's important to understand who is responsible for the repair. Click here for information on who is responsible for tree work when the electric service line is damaged. If your electric service line or equipment is damaged at the connection to your home, click here.

Note: To find out if the crew in your area is from KUB and not a telephone, cable, or highway crew, check the Tree Pruning Map or contact us.