KUB operates a Private Lateral Program (PLP), as required under its Wastewater Rules and Regulations. The PLP helps protect our environment by ensuring that property owners fix defective laterals and remove prohibited connections. Private sewer laterals are the pipes that connect customers’ property to KUB’s sewer system.

When KUB inspects sewer laterals, we review the inspection data to identify defects that may allow excess rainwater or groundwater to enter the sewer system or that may allow sewage to exit the sewer pipes. We also look for prohibited connections, like roof downspouts or groundwater sump pumps, that allow rainwater to enter your sewer lateral and KUB’s wastewater system.

Broken laterals and prohibited connections can overload KUB's sewers with rainwater and contribute to sewer overflows. Leaking laterals can also pollute area waterways, and broken laterals may cause sewage backups in homes. When KUB finds a defective lateral or prohibited connection, we mail the property owner a packet that includes an enforcement schedule and a number to call [865-594-8270] for more information on the repair finding.

If you have sewage backing up in your home or overflowing from your lateral onto the ground, call 865-524-2911 to report the problem. There could be a problem with your private lateral.

To help protect your property and our environment, see Understanding Your Sewer Lateral.