KUB launched Partners Acting for a Cleaner Environment (PACE 10) in 2004, and when the Environmental Protection Agency issued a Consent Decree in 2005, we included those requirements in the PACE 10 program.

KUB accelerated wastewater system replacements in 2004 with the $650 million PACE 10 program, which addresses requirements from the federal Consent Decree issued to KUB in 2005. Since PACE 10 began, KUB has upgraded its collection system on a sustainable replacement lifecycle.

KUB finished the last of the 134 collection system projects required under the CD in 2014 and will complete required plant projects by the end of the CD term in 2021. Beginning in 2014, KUB completed PACE 10 and transitioned all wastewater system improvement projects under Century II with our other systems.