To view our current job openings or apply on a job, open a new window to enter our Career Portal. For guidance on our application process, please reference our Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants or you may contact us by emailing or by phone at 865-558-2166.

Our Career Portal is most compatible with the Google Chrome browser. Firefox and Safari are also compatible. KUB does not recommend using Internet Explorer for the Careers Portal. KUB recommends using a desktop or laptop computer to apply, as various mobile devices and tablets may have compatibility issues.

KUB does not accept unsolicited applications. KUB reserves the right to consider applications for additional vacancies in the same classification within 120 days of the original posting. Applications will be considered active for a period of 120 days after the original posting, after which time, applicants must reapply to be considered for any openings.  

KUB only considers completed job applications for advertised vacancies. Due to the volume of applications and resumes we receive, only applicants invited to interview will be contacted. No third-party inquiries. 

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